Monday, 16 October 2006

Saving Money!

First of all, let me tell you that I am in a better mood today. The "stuff" or "issues" I've been writing about here earlier are still there, it's not the kind of thing that "if you ignore it, maybe it'll go away!", but at least I feel that it isn't paralyzing me the way it did during the weekend, and I have been able to function fairly well today!

I have come to realize something though! I seriously need to start saving a lot of money now!!! There are SO much I want to do at the moment, and none of it exactly comes cheap so to speak, so I definately need to start watching what I do with my money!
I was really inspired after seeing Les Misérables and Evita this summer and also after the Musical Highlights!-concert I went to last Sunday ... and I definately want to spend as much money as I can on seeing musicals or concerts! It is such a wonderful experience and I really feel like I'm getting energy from doing it. The only problem is that there are SO much avaliable, and naturally I want to see it all!
Blushy 2
First of all, I'll be seeing the Best of West End-show in Karlstad when I go to visit my families in November! The day after that, I'm off to Oslo to see Chess - International Tour, with Michael McCarthy ... I can't wait!!!
Then, in the beginning of December, I'm going to Gothenburg to see Cats, I'm totally looking forward to that!! The day after Cats, there's this wonderful Christmas concert here, and I think that it would be lovely to go and see that!
Looking toward 2007 .... in February there is Follies - In Concert in London, with Philip Quast and Maria Friedman ... I want to see it!! And if I go to London, I have to see Les Misérables and Evita ... and possibly some other musical?
Later on, in the end of March, there's a Musical Show Stoppers concert here, starring among others Peter Corry from London!! A definately must!
Also, during the spring, Guys and Dolls will run not long from here, with a great Swedish cast, so it would be great if I could see that as well!
There are also several wonderful spring concerts, I could go to ...

Marching Band

Okay ... I'll stop rambling now, but needless to say, I can't spend a lot of money on trivial stuff like food and clothes!! Star

Tomorrow, I'll try to go and visit work! I haven't been there for a while now - I did have something else on my mind with this presentation thing!! - so it would be great to go tomorrow! I also need to get started on studies again! Well, after having taken a "break" this weekend, I did start today, but I haven't gotten that much done today, so I need to get into it tomorrow!! I have four assignments that need to be done by Wednesday, so I'd better get on that. Well, it's really three, but I missed handing one in last time, so I really need to finish all four now, so I'll be back on track again after Wednesday!

Since it's not that late, I think I'll try to get at least an hour of studying done tonight!
I made a Les Miz-background image earlier, and I feel quite happy with it actually ... that doesn't happen very often! :-)
Hope you like it too!

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The darkest night said... sure have a lot of cool stuff planned!!

The darkest night said...

Forgot to say...I love the LM pic! :)

Jessica said...

Glad you like the LM background!! :-)

Yeah, looks like there's gonna be a lot happening here! I'm really trying to save as much money as possible right now, so I will be able to afford everything!!