Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Tough Day!

I definately feel that I have entered a less great period of my life right now. I really shouldn't complain about it, because sooo much of the previous semester has worked out better than I could imagine ... but unfortunately, that doesn't stop things from being difficult now!

I am happy to say I managed to get a group to work with on this final project, that is a great relief, but unfortunately, things aren't working very smoothly! Since I'm rather new to this "socializing"-thing, or whatever you want to call it, I don't know if things really are tough and a bit "bad", or if I'm just putting way to much into it! I can't really say, but I do know that I'm not feeling great at the moment!
I feel like I'm under a lot of strain and pressure regarding practical things at the moment, at Uni there are soooo many things that really need to fall into place right now, and I have no idea how to make the fall into place!
On top of all this - which is hard enough, trust me! - I'm trying to deal with my emotional problems!! I had some hope that they would become less articulate now, since focus would be on the group project, but unfortunately not! They were rather made even more real to me today, so I had quite a hard time trying to deal with that!

I have very mixed feelings about my life now - I hardly think I'm likely to go into a depression at the moment, but I am feeling very very tired and worn out and uncertain of how I will cope with things in the future ...

I'd love to get a day to myself now, to sort things out, but unfortunately that will have to wait. More or less the entire day today was spent with two girls from the course I'm taking working on the group project, and that's the idea for tomorrow as well. I do want to work on the project, of course, I want to make it as good as possible, and I don't want to wait until the last minute to get it done, but with things being so confusing and hard for me as they are right now - it would have been nice to have some private time, to try to sort out everything that's going on.

Well, since I have a long day tomorrow as well - I'll try to get some rest now!

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