Wednesday, 4 October 2006

State Of Panic!

Today has been rather quiet actually, even though I have kept busy. I didn't have any lectures - thanks for that! - but the study situation is totally horrible right now, and I have so much to do!! I've spent the entire day studying, re-writing notes, reading and writing a psychology assignment. I've taken super-short breaks - and one longer break when I had to get something to eat - that's it. And I don't think I've done more than half of what I'd hoped to get done today, in order to keep on schedule ... yay me! Not!

There are lots and lots of stuff in my life right now that are not great, and even though no disasters have occured, fact is I really don't feel good!! I still don't feel like I can go into details, but things are certainly not working out right now, that's for sure!

I'm closing in on a very hard thing also, I will have to have made up my mind and come to a decision about something extremely complicated ... by 8 a.m. tomorrow!! *PANIC NOW!* This is constantly rotating through my head, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow ... I'm completely messed up and confused and feel like I don't know anything!

Okay, I'll try not to bore you with my rambling ... sorry about that.
I really hope I'll make it through this, because right now every minute of every day is a huge struggle ....

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The darkest night said...

sorry to hear that! Good luck tomorrow/today! I hope everything will turn out all right :)

Jessica said...

Thanks sis!
I'll try to make an entry about today ... though everything is still fairly confusing!!