Tuesday, 17 October 2006


I have nothing much to write about today, since it has been rather slow! I was meant to go to work today, but woke up exhausted and with a headache so I decided to give it a miss. I've tried to get some studying done, but it's gone very slow, so I still have some work left to do tonight.

Instead I thought I'd write a little about one of my favourite movies, Marnie, since I got the dvd today! :-)
This is a Hitchcock movie, although maybe not one of his most famous movies. It's extremely well made and actors 'Tippi' Hedren and Sean Connery are marvellous!!
It's hard to label this movie, I guess you would call it a psychological thriller if you have to call it something. The storyline is very compelling and quite daring for its time (it came out in 1964)!

The main character, Marnie ('Tippi' Hedren), is a women who constantly rob her employers, she's almost made a game out of it. She gets a job at a rich firm, awaits her moment, steals a lot of money and disappears. She has lots of aliases and are not likely to get caught. However, she's not a bad person per se, almost all the money she steals goes to her old, sick mother, who knows nothing about how Marnie aquires her money!
One day Marnie gets a job at Rutland & co, where she meets Mark Rutland (Sean Connery). He realizes something is not quite right with Marnie, and the movie centers on his attempts to find out what makes Marnie act the way she does. There are signs of other strange behaviors as well, she's terrified of thunder, she can't stand seeing red color on something white. Mark ends up marrying Marnie, but the wedding night turns out to be rather disturbing.
Mark is determined not to rest until he finds out what all this is about ... and the revealing ending of the movie is quite astounding!!

Despite this being an 'old' movie, it certainly has a lot of qualities and as I've pointed out before, the acting from 'Tippi' Hedren and Sean Connery ... fantastic!!! I love the way we can go through all of Marnie's anxiety, Miss Hedren really plays that so well, you can feel all her agony yourself, and the way she gets a little child's voice whenever something really disturbs her ... very powerful indeed! Circle Of Hearts
I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it, it's really worth watching!
Enjoy some pictures here below (and don't you agree that Sean Connery is just SOOOO handsome ...) !

I guess I shouldn't sit here much longer, as I still have some reviews to write for tomorrow's lecture. The problem is I'm stuck! I've read the chapters, and I pretty much understand what they're all about - I just can't seem to find anything to write down. I don't know what I think about the stuff, or if I have any critical comments ... I just don't have much to say at all - which constitutes a problem, since I have to hand them in tomorrow ... oops! Guess this will be a long night ...

Also, I'm starting to worry a bit about Friday! We're having lectures 10-12, and that's no big problem! Then, our teacher has aparantly realized that the movie The Matrix has some relevance to the course we're taking now (!!) - I have never seen The Matrix, so I can't say for sure, but I guess I'll have to trust that he knows what he's talking about! Anyway, he's going to arrange it so we can see The Matrix after lectures on Friday, at like 1 p.m. or something - and than he thinks that we should "go out and have a beer and discuss it" ... Shock 2 Okaay ... never saw Chuggerthat "drinking beer" would be part of the sociology course, it kind of feels a bit ... what shall I say ... unorthodox, perhaps! Not many teachers include "beer-drinking" in their curriculum, do they? Kinda cool though ... Cool But, anyway, I feel quite nervous about this whole "beer-drinking-thing", I'm soooo not good - or experienced - at that sort of socializing!! I feel that's it's working better with the other students now, so that's probably not gonna be a great problem, but the "form" of the thing is what I have trouble with ... how to act, what to say, what to do ... I know this sounds utterly stupid to most of you, but the fact is that when you've never done something, you're often rather nervous about it and feel insecure. I have come so far now though, that at least I'm not thinking of how I can get out of it - and that is a huge improvement for me!! I think that had this been suggested six months ago, I would have found an excuse and not gone along - and I will go this time ... even though I'll be horribly nervous about it!! But hey - I was horribly nervous about the presentation too, and I went through with that and no disasters occured!! *cheering myself up now*
Rolly 3

Okay, this entry turned out longer than I had expected ... I guess I should go back to writing reviews about stuff I don't have anything to say about now (and if you felt that was confusing - it's nothing compared to how I'm feeling ... Rolling Eyes )

Take care, guys!

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The darkest night said...

It sounds like a great movie! I've never seen it..*ashamed*

Jessica said...

Ah, that's to bad!!! You definately HAVE to see it - it's a GREAT movie!!!

The darkest night said...

I'll try to see it some time then ;) ;)

Jessica said...

Good luck with that! ;) ;)