Sunday, 1 October 2006

Aching Right Hand!

I have an aching right hand at the moment, forcing me to do most of my typing with my left hand - which isn't that easy! Not to worry though, no accidents have occured, but I have been re-typing notes from five (!) lectures today ... thereby causing my pain! Not quite sure how I'll manage tomorrow, when we have lectures with this great professor ... I know he's a wonderful teacher and I usually take tons of notes at his lectures - but I cannot for the life of me write with my left hand. Guess I'd better bring some pain-killers to class! *lol*

I can't say that I've managed much more than fixing my notes ... though I'm hopelessly behind on everything else as well ... I should have finished cleaning, doing laundry, read a whole lot of litterature, written an assignment, preparing more auctions for sale ... the list could go on and on and on ...
Ah well, at least I feel like I've done something today, so I guess the day wasn't a total waste after all.

I'll have a very long day tomorrow though, so I'm kind of nervous about how I'll be able to handle it. I'll go and visit my work-place first thing in the morning, and than go straight to lectures ... which means I'll leave her at about 7 a.m. and return home after 5 p.m. ... *sigh*
I have very mixed feelings about Uni tomorrow, I guess I'm gonna have to do some seriuos writing in my diary to sort it all out. We start the second half of the coures today, and I think that this next half is the one I like best, so that's good! Also positive to have this great professor, whom I know is brilliant. I'm quite nervous about the social situation - again! It was so many ups and downs on Friday that I don't know what's what right now. Negative of course, in being "attacked" about my religious faith, but still positive that I managed to talk about it ... oh, God, I can't even sort all this out in my head! Guess I'll just have to show up and hope for the best ... like I usually do! :)

I'll finish off with a graphic. I just watched the Buffy episode "The Freshman" (season 4, episode 1), and there's one scene there with Buffy and Giles I really like ... so I decided to do a background image from that scene! Enjoy! :-)

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The darkest night said...

Sorry to hear your hand hurts! I hope it will be all better tomorrow!!

Good luck with everything else tomorrow too!

PS I love the Buffy background! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks! :) I hope so too, not sure how I'll be able to take notes otherwise! :)

Good luck tomorrow to you too! :D

Dakota said...

I hope the pain goes away soon!

Love the Buffy graphic! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks Dakota! I feel pretty okay today! :-)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the graphic! It's one of my favourite scenes from Season 4! d

Dakota said...

Happy to hear you feel okay! :)