Thursday, 12 October 2006

Countdown: 8hours 25minutes

Just thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on, as the clock is ticking!
I have finished re-writing my "script" for the presentation ... I hope it will work out! This will be the first time I'm not actually reading right off my paper, even though I have pretty much most of the stuff I'll say written down, it's more supportive words and sentences, than a regular text ... I hope that works out.
I still have a hard time seeing a continuancy in what I've written, but I'm hoping that is because I've been forced to totally de- and reconstruct the text over and over ... hopefully the others will understand! I also think my timing is okay, though it feels rather long actually! I tried reading/talking through it earlier and it took 18 minutes! Yikes! Shock 2 I wonder if I really will be able to stand up there and talk for 18 minutes .... still, I can't very well quit in the middle of it, so if I've started, I guess I'll have to go through with it...

I haven't finished all my other projects though ... Sad I was supposed to write three chapter reviews, right ... I've done two!! It's nearly midnight and I just can't think of some super-clever comments to a text I hardly understand right now ... I hope the teacher won't be to disappointed! I mean, I've read the chapter so I know what it's about, I should be able to take part in the disucssion, and than I guess I'll have to hand it in late. I really didn't want that - but i can't do more than I've already done tonight!!

I'm still not feeling completely dead from anxiety, which is good! No guarantees for tomorrow, but I'm hanging in there with my rational thoughts so far at least!!

I'd start to wrap up now, I actually have to get up again in about four hours ... yay!! I can't wait for tomorrow afternoon - no matter what has happened, at least it will be OVER!!

Sleep tight!

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