Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Complete And Utter Chaos

My life is still in complete chaos, I'm afraid, and even though I managed to sort some stuff through yesterday and this morning, after lectures this afternoon ... 'welcome back Chaos!' I have a feeling this will be a very very very intense period of my life, going on for the duration of this course at least!! There are just soooo much stuff happening right now, and I have soooo much mixed emotion regarding all of them, that it's a huge strain!! Sometimes I feel like I'm dealing, even though things don't feel "good" (that is not gonna happen!), I at least feel like I'm in control ... and than sometimes everything just turns up-side-down, and I end up getting a panic attack in the class-room ... which is what happened today! For all those that wonder about it : I don't recommend it!! *ironic smile*

Since I don't really feel I can go into detail about everything that is actually happening to me right now - for various reasons - I think I'll settle with this short entry ... just to let you know that
1) It's still chaos
2) I'm still alive
3) I don't feel like giving up just yet
4) I'm sorry for not making much sense right now!

Finishing off with a graphic I made to try and relax! Can't say I'm happy about it, it turned out way to colourful ... I thought bright colours would cheer me up, but it didn't exactly work!

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The darkest night said...

SO cute graphic! :)

Jessica said...

Glad you like it! ;)
I wasn't too happy with it myself, even though I just adore the pics of my sister!!